How To Eliminate The Chemical Smell Of A Rented Portable Toilet

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If you have a large event scheduled and want to use your backyard to hold the event, then you will certainly need a bathroom for all of your guests. If you want to keep people from tracking all sorts of debris through your home, then a portable toilet is a great option. However, one of the worst aspects of renting such a toilet is the fact that it releases a strong chemical odor. You can easily avoid this odor with the following tips.

Choose A Different Chemical

Most people are familiar with the blue appearance and the chemical smell of portable toilets. This blue chemical is often a deodorizing chemical that also breaks down fecal matter relatively quickly. Typically, formaldehyde is used and produces the telltale chemical odor. Sometimes, the disinfectant glutaraldehyde is used and other time an ammonia based solution is added to the toilet. However, even when the chemical alternatives are used, a foul odor will still be noted. 

If you want to reduce the odor, then you should speak with your portable toilet rental company about alternative additives. Specifically, inquire about enzyme based fluids. These additives contain active proteins that break down fecal matter naturally. 

Since enzymes do not actively deodorize the toilet, you will need to choose an added deodorizer. This is an added fluid that is placed in the tank to mask any smells emanating from the toilet. Deodorizers come in a variety of scents like pine, vanilla, cherry, and citrus. While pine and citrus additives may create a smell that is reminiscent of a cleaner, the vanilla and cherry options are quite popular and much more pleasant. 

Ask For Deodorizer Boosters

Since enzyme-based fluids will not help to reduce the waste odors coming form the portable toilet, you may notice that deodorizers seem to wear off with use. This can make the toilet seem quite stinky halfway through your party. You can offset the odor without having to use chemicals. You should instead speak with your rental company about deodorizer boosters. These boosters add more of the pleasant smell to the toilet so it can be used longer. In most cases, the booster can be dropped directly into the toilet holding tank. 

If you need to use the toilet over several days, then a booster may not be enough to keep the toilet smelling fresh. You should instead ask for a clean toilet after every one to two days. 

To find out more about portable toilets and the various chemicals and deodorizers that are used, speak with a portable toilet rental company in your area. Visit a site like  for more help.