Information About Waterproofing Your Basement

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Water damage is a problem that can have lasting and devastating effects on your home. For homeowners that live in low in area, it is a reality that their basements may be at a risk of routinely suffering this type of damage. When it comes to protecting the home against this hazard, there are waterproofing services that you can use, but you may fail to take advantage of this option if you lack some important information about these procedures.

Why Should You Invest The Money And Time Into Waterproofing Your Basement?

When your basement is prone to flooding or having water seep into it, there are several ways that it can suffer damage. For example, this constant source of moisture can lead to concrete cracking, mold growing, discolorations occurring and algae growths. Repairing these damages is possible, but it can be rather expensive and disruptive. Furthermore, failing to have these repairs performed can lead to the house becoming structurally unsound. Waterproofing the basement can help to stop these issues from forming.

Is It Difficult To Waterproof A Basement?

Unfortunately, some homeowners may assume that attempting to waterproof their own basement will be a fairly simple task. Yet, there are many different steps that will have to be followed to ensure that the basement is thoroughly waterproofed. For example, it is necessary to coat the walls and floor with a waterproof sealant. Depending on the severity of the moisture problem, you may also need to install a sump pump or drain tiles. Mistakes during this process can severely compromise the effectiveness of the waterproofing. Professional waterproofing contractors will ensure that this work is done as thoroughly and correctly as possible so that your basement will enjoy the best results possible from being waterproofed.

Is This A Task That Only Needs To Be Done Once?

Over the course of time, the sealant that is applied to the walls and floor will break down, and this will result in it needing to be reapplied to keep the basement protected. While these sealants will last for many years, you will eventually want to have a professional reapply them. In addition to having the sealant reapplied after it degrades, you will also need to have the sump pump and other mechanical components of the waterproofing system serviced. Typically, this will only require the mechanical components to be serviced by a technician every year or two to keep the system in good working condition.