Should You Insulate Your Cold Water Pipes? Three Questions To Ask Yourself When Making This Decision

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Most people insulate their hot water pipes to help keep the water flowing through the pipes as warm as possible. However, when it comes to cold water pipes, you may find yourself wondering whether you should bother insulating them or not. For some households, insulating the cold water pipes makes sense. For others, it may not. If you are trying to decide whether to insulate your cold water pipes, here are three questions to ask yourself that should help you make a decision. 

Are Hot Water Pipes Being Insulated At the Same Time? 

If you are on the fence about insulating your cold water pipes, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether you plan on insulating the hot water pipes. One of the biggest costs associated with insulating pipes is accessing the pipes. Insulation is cheap, but accessing the pipes is time consuming and tedious. Your hot water and cold water pipes run side by side. So if your hot water pipes are being insulated, you should take advantage of the pipes being accessible and have the cold ones done at the same time. 

Are the Pipes Located in a Non-Insulated Part of the Home? 

Another question you should ask yourself when determining whether to insulate cold water pipes, or both hot and cold water pipes for that matter, is whether the pipes are located in an insulated or non-insulated part of your home. If your entire home, including your basement, attic and crawl space, are insulated, your pipes may have the protection they need against cold weather elements. But if they are in non-insulated parts of the home, insulating the pipes is advised. 

Does it Get Really Hot Where You Live? 

The last question to ask yourself is whether it gets really hot where you live. Insulation helps to keep the hot water flowing through your hot water pipes as hot as possible. But insulating your cold water pipes helps to keep that water as cool as possible on a hot day. If you live somewhere where temperatures get extremely hot in the summer months, insulating your cold water pipes may make sense. 

If you are ready to have any of your pipes insulated, a plumber can help you to determine which type of insulation is best and then insulate your pipes, ensuring they are properly insulated. Contact your plumber today if you have any questions about pipe insulation or to schedule your service appointment for this procedure today.