2 Reasons To Call A Plumber For A Drain Blockage

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Dealing with a drain blockage can be among the most frustrating and common plumbing issues that you can experience as a homeowner, but it is often a good idea to call a plumber rather than attempting to clear the blockage on your own as your plumbing can be quite complicated to deal with. Listed below are just two of the many reasons to call a plumber for a drain blockage.

The Blockage May Be Resistant To Drain Cleaners

A huge reason to call a plumber for a blockage in one of your drains is that the blockage itself may be resistant to drain cleaners. In most cases, the drain cleaners that you can buy from your local store are going to be best suited for dealing with organic material. However, if the blockage in your drains is a mineral buildup or is being caused by some kind of inorganic material, such as cloth or metal, store-bought drain cleaners can often be a bit useless.

This can lead to you wasting quite a lot of money on various drain cleaning products only to find that the blockage is still in place. However, if you contact a plumber to begin with, they can often save you that expense and time by having access to a wide range of industrial-strength cleaners and equipment that will often be much more effective at dealing with whatever is blocking your drain.

The Blockage May Require Substantial Work To Clear

Additionally, you will want to call a plumber for a drain blockage because many of them can often require substantial work to clear. For example, you may find that the type of drain blockage that you are dealing with is nowhere near the drain itself and is instead deep within one of your pipes.

This is a problem because this blockage can often be well outside of the reach of a common drain snake or other drain clearing tools. As a result, your plumber will often have to methodically disassemble your pipes in order to get to the one that has the blockage so that the blockage can be manually removed. This is a large undertaking that is often well beyond the skills of the average homeowner due to the potential complications, which means that it is a job that is better left to a plumber.

Contact a plumber today in order to discuss their rates for clearing a blocked drain and to schedule an appointment for them to check out your particular drain issue. You will want to call a plumber for a drain blockage because the blockage may be resistant to drain cleaners and may also require substantial work to clear.