Learn How To Plan A Team Building Camping Trip For Your Business

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If you are planning a team building exercise for your employees that requires you to camp out together for a few days, it is important to make sure that you properly prepare for the experience. You want to be sure that everyone is able to feel as comfortable as they possibly can, but that they are also able to focus on the team building exercises. The following guide walks you through a few a few ways to prepare for the trip to ensure that everyone is able to get the most out of it.

Rent a Portable Toilet

There will more than likely be a few of your employees who have never been camping before. The idea of using the restroom in the woods may be very foreign to them and something that they do not want to do. Renting a portable toilet for people to use will ensure that everyone can have a place to discreetly use the restroom when needed. Make arrangements to have the toilet delivered before everyone arrives to ensure that it is ready to go when you get there. Contact a service, like O'Fallon Sewer Service, for help.

Have Ample Tents Available

When people are camping with their coworkers, they may not want to share a tent with them. Have plenty of single-person tents available for people to use. You may want to consider having the tents already set up when everyone arrives so that they do not have to figure out how to put them up on their own.

Have Ample Food and Water Available

You want to be sure that no one gets too hungry or thirsty during the trip or they will not be able to focus on the team building programs that you are introducing to them. You need to have ample food and water available for everyone. Be sure to store the food in bear-proof containers to ensure that you do not attract bears to the campsite.

Properly Prepare Everyone for Camping

You need to talk to your employees before you go on the trip to make sure that the properly prepare for their stay. Be sure to let them know that they need to pack warm clothes for cool evenings and that it is best to have hiking boots to ensure that they protect their feet and ankles when moving around in the woods.

It is important to make the event an optional activity. You do not want to make any of your employees feel uncomfortable, but exposing them to something new and exciting can be a great way for them to bond and grow relationships with one another that may help them at work later on down the road.