Pets And Your Plumbing

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Two things you may think have nothing to do with one another may be your pets and your plumbing system. However, there are some things you should know about making sure your plumbing system isn't in danger from damages and other issues that can be caused by your pets. Here are some things you should understand about your plumbing and what to watch for when you have pets in your home:

Pets can clog your plumbing

Something you should know about pets is there are some who like to lay in the sink or tub. Cats can find a dry sink to be a nice place for them to make their bed. They can lay in the sink and groom themselves. If they shed a lot in the sink, then their fur can go down the drain and into the p-trap where it can create a clog in the pipe. Dogs can like to do this same thing in your bathtub if they feel the house is warm and the tub is nice and cool.

If you find that your pets are making your sink or tub their new beds, then the best thing to do is to encourage them from not doing so. You can try leaving just about an inch of water in them if you want. Or, you can purchase small drain screens that you can put in the drain to catch the fur they leave in the sink and tub. This will prevent it from going down the system to cause those clogs.

Cat litter can cause plumbing issues in your pipes

No matter what the bag or box of cat litter says, it is never a good idea for you to flush your cat's feces down the toilet. You should always be sure you throw it out in the trash to avoid potential plumbing problems. Otherwise, the litter can cause clogs anywhere along in the system. If you are on septic, then you can even be causing future problems for your septic system if you flush the litter.

Dogs can cause damage to the plumbing in your yard

If you have dogs, you want to be sure they don't dig in the yard. Not only will they be able to dig out of the yard, but they can also cause plumbing problems. If you have a sprinkler system where PVC pipes are close to the surface of the dirt, the dog can dig at them and chew them. This can cause big plumbing issues throughout your yard. One way to teach your dog not to dig is to find their favorite digging spots and loosely cover balloons blown up with air. When they go to dig, the balloons will pop and startle them. If you do this repeatedly, it can be helpful in teaching some dogs not to dig. For more stubborn dogs, you may need help from a professional trainer.

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