Why Food Isn't Good For Bathroom Drains And What To Do If You've Got No Choice

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Washing dishes and disposing of leftover bits of food seems simple; you need only water, soap, and a sponge or cloth. Or so it seems. The sink in which you wash those dishes also matters because the drain on a kitchen sink is built to handle food waste -- bathroom sink drains aren't. But if you've been snacking on something in your room, it might be tempting to just rinse the dish off in the bathroom sink. Try to resist that as food, even a little bit, is not good for bathroom sink drains.

Different Interior Setup

Bathroom sink drains have a slightly different interior setup, such as those parts that hold the drain stopper in the sink and pull it down or push it up, rather than letting you freely remove the stopper at any time. Kitchen sink drains don't have those parts; you stop up the drain by placing a freestanding stopper over the opening. The extra parts in the bathroom sink drain can trap food particles, adding to the buildup that could clog the drian eventually.

Product Combinations

You're going to use different products at a bathroom sink, like different soaps and moisturizers, than you would at a dish-soap-only kitchen sink. These other products can contribute to the buildup of soap scum, which can snag food as it travels into the drain.

Mitigating Factors

Of course, sometimes you don't really have a choice. Maybe you live in an expensive area, and the only housing you could find was a rented room where your "kitchen sink" was the bathroom sink. Or maybe you're remodeling your home and have lost access to your kitchen for a while.

If you have to use a bathroom sink to wash dishes, do the following to reduce the chances of the food causing a problem:

If you notice that water is draining rather slowly in the bathroom sink, and baking soda and vinegar do not restore the drain to normal conditions, contact a drain cleaning company or plumber to really clear out all of the gunk. It's best for the sink and healthiest for you.