3 Plumbing Maintenance Tips For The Kitchen To Reduce Repair Costs

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The plumbing in your kitchen may be a place where a lot of problems lead to costly repairs. With good maintenance you can save money on plumbing repairs. There are also simple repairs that you can do on your own to reduce plumbing problems and save money. Here are some kitchen plumbing maintenance tips to help reduce the cost of repairs and prevent problems:

1. Keep the Kitchen Sink Clog-Free

One of the most common problems that you may have with the plumbing in your kitchen is a clogged sink. To prevent your kitchen sink from becoming clogged, it is important to watch what you wash down the drain. Most important to avoid putting grease on oils down the drain, which can cause a buildup on pipes that will eventually cause them to become clogged. In addition, make sure that you avoid putting food particles and other debris in the kitchen sink.

2. Repair A Leaking or Clogged Sink Trap

The trap beneath the sink is where clogs start and where you may have other problems with plumbing in your kitchen, such as leaks. The first step to solving these problems is removing the trap to get to the roof of the problem. If the trap is glued in place it will need to be cut out to remove it, but there are also screw traps with fittings that screw together. These fittings have rubber seals, which are often the cause of leaking sink traps and replacing them will often solve the problem. You may want to consider installing sink traps that have a cleanout access in the bottom to make maintenance easier.

3. Repair Leaking Faucets and Fittings in The Kitchen

The faucets in your kitchen may also leak and require repairs. The leaks are often due to fittings that have seals that have been worn or damaged. Replacing the Teflon tape on fittings will often solve the problems with leaks around fittings and connections. Other problems with leaks are around faucets, which can sometimes be due to leaking fittings, but can also be due to worn faucets that need to be replaced. Sometimes, there are also seals at the base of faucets that are the source of leaks and need to be replaced to stop leaks.

These are some plumbing maintenance tips to help reduce the cost of repairs. Contact a residential plumber to help with repairs and improvements when the problems are more than you can handle on your own.