Water Backing Up Into Your Washer? What You Need To Do

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If you notice water in your washing machine when it isn't in use, you may have a clog somewhere. Water backing up anywhere in your home is a sign of a plumbing issue and should be taken care of immediately to prevent further issues or possible water damage to your home. Read on for tips on how to clear up this problem and other tips.

What You Need For The Job:


  1. Start by trying to run a cycle in your machine using distilled white vinegar and baking soda in the detergent bin to see if this clears out the clog at all. If this doesn't help anything, move on.
  2. Next, check to be sure there isn't anything clogging the drain inside the machine itself. 
  3. Open up the bottom panel of your machine by propping it up, remove the panel and then look for the pump inside. Look for any pieces of clothing that may be blocking the water from draining out. Remove the article of clothing or other debris inside and see if this helps with draining. If that didn't help, move on to the next step.
  4. If the clog was not in the machine, it may be in your drain. Remove the hose using a nut driver and inspect the hose. Check for any clogs in the hose. You can clear it out by taking it outside of your home and spraying it out with your garden hose. Check for debris that may come out. If you can't get water through the hose, replace the hose altogether with a new one. Something may be trapped inside, and it may be easier to simply replace the hose.
  5. Add the new hose and test your machine to see if it drains properly without any water backing up inside of it.

If you continue to have issues with your water coming back into your machine, the clog may be elsewhere in your drain. Call a professional plumber for help to prevent water damage from occurring or other backups elsewhere in your home. 

Prevent backups in your home by using your drains properly. Never put anything down your drains that could potentially clog them such as food particles, grease, oil, or paint. Always use the drain stops in your sinks to prevent anything from going down your drains. When washing small garments in your washing machine, use a garment bag to prevent those small items from getting caught in the drain.

Call a professional plumber if you are experiencing problems with your plumbing.