Is Your Water Heater About To Give Out?

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Many people don't have an idea if a water heater is about to give out. There are some signs that you can watch out for to know if the water heater is failing, but if you are not sure about what to look for, you can have you water heater inspected by a professional in water heater repair. This can help you to avoid damages and disruptions caused by a failed water heater. The following are the common signs of a failing water heater.

Rust in Water

Signs of rust in hot water is an indication that your water heater has started to rust from the inside, and it might start to leak in the future if this problem is not solved. However, if your home has galvanized pipes, there is a possibility that the pipes are rusty. But, to check whether the rust is coming out of your water heater, drain a few gallons of hot water from the heater. When you notice that the water coming out of the heater is still rusty after draining a few gallons, then the water heater has a problem.

Rumbling Noises

As your water heater gets old, residue starts to build up slowly, especially at the bottom. The residue starts to harden when it is heated on a regular basis. When the residue hardens, you will start to hear banging or rumbling noises emanating from the water heater whenever you are heating water. Mostly, this is an indication of a failing water heater.

A layer of hardened residue means that your water heater will be less efficient, and it will use a lot of energy when heating the water. Therefore, you should consider replacing your water tank when you notice these signs.

Signs Of Leakages

Signs of moisture around the water heater can be an indication of a fracture or small leaks in the water tank. Most water heaters are made out of metal, and as the metal begins to heat, it starts to expand. If the water tank has minor fractures, water can begin to leak out, and the leakages will stop once the water cools down.

When you notice the leakage signs, start planning how to replace the water heater. However, you need to ensure that the water leaks are only coming from the water heater before you consider replacing it. This is because water might be leaking from the connections or fittings around the tank. When you notice that all the connection are okay, it's time to replace your water heater.

If you are worried about your water heater failing or you notice the signs above, consider contacting a professional in water heater installation and repair to inspect your water heater.