How to Clear Tree Roots Out of Your Sewer Line Without Harmful Chemicals

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Trees are beautiful but they can also be harmful depending upon their location. If you've been told that there are tree roots in your sewer line and they're causing your plumbing to slow down, rest assured that there are solutions. If you're worried about the environment, there are even solutions that don't require using toxic chemicals to kill off the tree roots. Here's the process for taking care of this problem.

Understand How They Get There

Tree roots don't get into the pipes all on their own. Typically, a tree will grow near where your sewer line is and the roots will become too large as the top of the tree grows larger. When this happens, the roots can penetrate through the side of the pipe and can gradually start growing into the pipe. This can take months or even years depending upon the type of tree and how quickly it grows, so if you're having a sewer slowdown from tree roots, chances are you've got a pretty big problem already.

Understand the Harm They Can Cause

The reason why tree roots are such a problem for pipes is two-fold. The simpler problem is that they cause slow-downs in your pipe. With enough tree roots, it can even potentially slow down water's ability to pass through the pipe. However, the bigger issue is that any kind of debris that you flush down the toilet is likely to get caught on the tree roots. Once that happens, it can quickly start to form a large blockage in the pipe.

The other problem is that as the tree roots continue to grow, they'll likely keep damaging the pipe. While you might have just one hole now if the roots become large enough they can poke additional holes in the other side of the pipe. 

Implement the Solutions

Here's the good news: you can solve all of these problems with one method that's called hydro jetting. Your plumber will send down a specialized tool (kind of like a pressure washer) into your pipe. Then, they'll turn on the hydro jet and blast a large, fast stream of water down the pipe. This will blast away any debris that's formed, but it will also break off the tree roots and flush them down into the sewer. From there, all your plumber needs to do is to perform a small repair on the pipe to seal up any holes caused by the tree. This can usually be done from the inside of the pipe with specialized tools, so you don't even need to have your yard dug up.

Hydro jetting is a great way to clear away day-to-day build-up in pipes, debris, and tree roots. If you're looking for an economical and environmentally friendly way to get your pipes flowing properly again, contact services like All County Rooter to learn more about hydro jetting.