Reasons To Exchange A Wood Stove To A Central Heat System Before Selling Your Home

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You are making plans and making upgrades to get your home prepared for the market. If you are like most homeowners, you will be looking at the current heating system to determine if it will help or hurt the sale of the property. If you have a wood stove, you may want to seriously consider upgrading to a central heat system with the help of a heating contractor. Here is a look at a few reasons to make this exchange before you list your home for sale. 

Wood stoves can be a turn-off for people with young children.

Even though wood stoves can do a good job of producing heat, they can pose some safety concerns for prospective buyers that have younger children. Many wood stoves have little protection between the walls of the stove and small hands that may touch the hot surface and get burned. Likewise, most parents will want their younger children to live in a home that is easily kept a consistent temperature. Getting help from a heating contractor to upgrade to a central heat system can eliminate these parental concerns. 

Wood stoves may make a prospect think the home is inefficient. 

A high percentage of people looking for their next place to live are going to have efficiency listed as a top priority in their prospects. While a wood stove can have a certain level of nostalgic charm, it can also be viewed as an inefficient heat source, and it can make a house appear outdated. 

Wood stoves can be a downfall in the eyes of a potential lender. 

When you are preparing a home for the market, you have to also keep in mind you will be aiming to please someone beyond just shoppers; you also need to please the lender. Wood stoves can be deemed as too much of a property risk by some lenders. Essentially, this means a lender may be hesitant to loan a buyer the money to buy the home if it does not have a modern central heat system. 

Wood stoves can lower the overall value of the property.

HVAC systems are a key component in configuring the overall value of a home. If the house is still using wood as its primary heat source, it can definitely lower the overall value of the house. Installing a modern central heat system with the help of a professional can make a huge difference.

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