2 Signs Your Home's Main Water Line Is Cracked

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Between your home and the main water cutoff provided by the water company, there is a pipeline that supplies your house. Because you cannot see it, it can be hard to determine whether or not it is still in good condition. Fortunately, there are a couple of telltale signs that present themselves when there is a crack in the main water line for your house.

1. Water Pressure in Your Entire House Has Decreased Dramatically

One sign that the main water line that feeds your home is cracked is when you notice a dramatic decrease in the amount and force of the water coming out of your faucets. You may also notice that the water sputters as it flows through them.

When the main line becomes damaged, water will escape into the soil around it, and air can infiltrate the pipe. Because the water is no longer in a confined space, it will no longer be able to build up pressure behind the spigots in your home. This will cause a light flow or even a trickle of water.

However, the loss of pressure as a sign of a damaged main water pipe only applies if the entire house is affected. If you find that only one room has low pressure, the leak may be somewhere inside your house. If you are unsure of the source, have a professional inspect your plumbing for you. They can tell you if you will need to have the water main replaced.

2. Pavement and Lawn Running from the Main Cutoff to Your House Stays Wet

Another sign that your home's main water line is cracked or otherwise damaged is when the pavement and lawn above and around the pipe stay wet. To find the location of the pipe, find the main water cutoff either in the street or a nearby yard, and follow it in a straight line to your house.

Even if the line has only a small crack, water will still seep into the spaces around it. As the water penetrates to the surface, the pavement and grass will stay wet. If you find puddles, the leak is severe and needs immediate professional attention.

When the water pressure in your home has decreased and you see wet spots in your yard and street in front of your home, these are strong indicators that the main water line that supplies your house is damaged. As soon as possible, contact a plumber near you who provides water main replacement services to have them verify the issue and replace either the affected section or the entire pipe.

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